Ben Shannon




Ben Shannon

Drum Teacher

 I can pass on what was passed onto me; endevouring to inspire the future generations to come

Bachelor of Music – QLD Conservatorium of Music

Certificate of Music Studies – QLD Conservatorium of Music

Benjamin Shannon is making a serious indent into the Australian music scene as a percussionist, educator and composer. Ben is extremely honoured to have signed a publishing deal with Double Drummer. Ben’s approach to music is a holistic process that is clearly representative of everything he stands for. He wishes to share his musical aspirations with the world through his journey. Ben is in awe of the experience, describing it as the best, most influential 3 weeks of his life, so far. He has also recently begun studying the Tabla under the direction of guru ji Shen Flindell and looks to incorporate new found eastern styles and techniques to the drum kit and composition.  Ben loves teaching for so many reasons, but the main one is that he can pass on what was passed onto him; endeavouring to inspire the future generations to come.