Pop Starz

Pop Starz


Our Popstarz Classes are fun packed, high energy classes

Our Popstarz Classes are designed to give structure and training to a childs burning desire to be a pop or rock star. No Musical theatre here! Just 100% Pop and Rock hits from artists are groups like Little Mix, Pink, Katy Perry, One Direction, Queen, Bruno Mars and much much more! We ensure that all our songs are positive, encouraging and most importantly age appropriate. Our classes always cover technical development of each childs singing, acting and dance skills, while allowing our performance training to nurture their confidence and inner star!


At Red Music our aim is for all our students to build  confidence, connect with new people, learn incredible new skills and most importantly to have fun while progressing in their singing, acting and dance studies. We always pride ourselves on being up-to-date with the latest music, new dance trends and positive influences from television and cinema, whilst embracing pop and rocks greatest artists from the 1950s to now.


No previous training is required to join our classes! If you want to learn, meet new friends, gain loads of awesome new skills and technique and LOVE POP and ROCK music – the POPSTARZ ACADEMY is for you. We will be running the following POPSTARZ ACADEMY classes from the Burpengary Community Hall, commencing November 9th.



Junior Starz are for our superstars aged 6 to 11 (approx Prep to Year 5) FRIDAY 4:00-5:00pm (60min)


In this class, the emphasis is on learning singing skills, dance and acting technique. This is a great class to learn the foundations of singing, acting and dance while developing listening and team work skills. Examples of music covered will include Pop and Rock Disney tunes and commercial artists such as Selina Gomez, One Direction and even the odd Bangles hit from the 80s.



Teen Starz are for our superstars aged 12 to 16 (approx Yrs 6-9) THURSDAY 4:00pm-5:30pm (90min)


In this class we will master vocal development and technique, and work on strong basic dance technique – focusing on contemporary dance styles such as hip hop. Microphone choreography and techniques will be explored in this class (yes! You’ll get to sing AND dance with a microphone!).  Both Rock and Pop styles will be explored in this class. Our Acting element will see us explore “shoot to camera” style interviews and working toward filming our own video clip! As we progress and learn we will tackle more challenging vocal numbers and acting skills, as well as more complex dance skills. Stage and performance skills play a big part in these classes, preparing us for stardom and stage success. Examples of music covered will include Pop and Rock tunes from commercial artists such as Michael Jackson, Adele, Queen, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and even ACDC.


BOOK NOW and receive our classes at the following incredible rate! * Must be paid in full, at time of enrolment to secure your spot!


JUNIORSTARZ – 60min Singing, Acting & Dance Training – $12.00 per class ( $60 for 5 weeks)


TWEEN & TEEN STARZ – 90min Singing, Acting & Dance Training – $15.00 per class  ($75 for 5 weeks) Class Dates for Term 4


MINI STARZ – November 10th, 17th, 24th and December 1 and 8th (5 weeks)


TWEEN & TEENS STARZ – November 9, 16, 23, 30 and December 7 (5 weeks)


POPSTARZ ACADEMY will run classes each term in 2018. We cant wait to inspire your inner STAR!

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